Emmie´s Padel Tour

Padel here, there and luckily everywhere.  Where padel is played that´s the place I want to be.  This page will show when and where I will be playing, as well as upcoming  YESTribe padel events.  Stay tuned in our social media outlets to learn more about my life on and off-road.

Count me in Emmie!

Padel fest on tour. Our events celebrate sport, community and our dear selves. The best next step for those padel fans who decide to turn their interest into padel passion

Count me In Emmie

Keeping padel on the road demands all the energy I am willing to put in.  Help me, help padel develop in Sweden while I can support myself as an athlete to become the best player I can ever be. Your support will allow the sport of padel to develop at the same time that more girls, youths, and women in Sweden will have the opportunity to engage with padel through the events I will be conducting.

When Where Date
Fall 2021 Linksöping  sept.  2021
Fall 2021 Jonköping october 2021
Fall 2021 Boras october, 2021
Fall 2021 Halmstad november, 2021
Fall 2021 Vaxjo december, 2021

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The YESTribe on tour will be our chance to meet and start our training together.  As our training is focus, targeted and totally personalized there are few spots.  You can book online in our site to make sure we have the time and the space for you.  Ready to make serious padel changes? Here we go…

fall 2021