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Sweden´s 2nd ranked female professional padel player.  A disciplined and focused athlete who wants to ensure padel is open to all girls and women from the court, through coaching and the boardrooms while training to become number one player.

A padel equation: technique and skill are matched with optimal nutrition and total body fitness in order to achieve top performance. Professional experience to develop your top game at your reach.

padel, nutrition + fitness

The YESTribe


Padel is all about community

Beyond padel tracks, there is not much sense in growing a sport if a community is not nurtured.  Emmie´s personal project: The YESTribe seeks to engage in the game of padel  young people who bring their energy and commitment to the sport.  You can support this effort becoming a member of our crowdfunding community.  Our patrons receive state of the art training, private coaching sessions and the chance to become part of a movement of movement in Sweden.

Become a patron


Athlete sponsorship should connect people and projects, not just brands and logos. Growing as a professional athlete, my vision of padel is doublefold.  My training can help others as much as it has given me a life purpose, belonging and most of all a healthy lifestyle so much needed in today’s after confinement and techno driven world.

Promoting this positive vibe, while pursuing my sport, professional and personal goals is my purpose.  With your help, I can surely make the sport of padel grow at stronger and healthier pace, giving the young ones a chance to meet the sport and its healthy lifestyle.  Connection between people and communities to celebrate sport and life.  That´s what padel is all about.

Let me show you what padel really is about!

Join our training programs, become a member of our community and let your body feel and perform at it´s best.  Fitness and nutrition make company to the best training you can treat yourself into.  If you are already a padel freak, this next steps will take you on a journey from interest and enthusiasm to a skilful and committed player while helping others engage in a lifetime affair with health and fitness.



Emmie´s training doesn´t end up when her feet exit the padel court. Passion, determination, and commitment have drawn a project where padel for future generations come together.  Her experience as a child, teen, and young athlete has built a perfect learning combo, specially for girls and women who are less engaged with padel and sport in general.