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Padel fitness trainings

Breaking down padel fitness and recovery

Strength, endurance, flexibility?  We are often puzzled to know where does proper physical training for padel begins and where does it end.  Our training has broken every little piece of the game, in order to understand how our muscles groups respond to any padel relevant signal.  To sum it all up, our program works on 5 core areas: flexibility, agility, endurance, speed, strength and flexibility.  A right dose of each for sustained periods of time will help deliver a rounded, skilful player.

it takes more than track time

Daily progress can be achieved

Time is everything we don’t have, I know.  But when we are all into becoming a true athlete there are many opportunities that we don’t take advantage of.  Small progressions on daily basis will allow you to become a stronger, fitter self, while enhancing flexibility with simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home for 10 minutes a day.  That will not be very hard to keep up with.

ready for the next level?

All in for padel fitness

If you are as serious as I am in my game then we have every opportunity to help you cross the line between padel enthusiast and serious performer.  Tailored fitness training is just as important as understanding your best bandeja.  The reward will be waiting for you: an empowered body allows you to bring a new dimension of the game, more focused, accurate reaching where you want to go when you need to reprise your fullest.  That is where we can go, together.

Check our blog regularly for fitness updates. I will be sharing my training favorites, updates and insights with you all.  Make sure your fitness routine has a warm up and a wind down. Very few of us professional players take time to recover and prevent injuries: big mistake. This program has as much sweat as it does recovery.  Padel players are prone to injury given the nature of the game.  It is crucial for me to devote time to a good stretch, a proper recovery in order to prevent injuries.

When are we ready for more?

Are you stuck in your padel performance? Has it been months already since you feel no progress in your game?

Let´s take one (or maybe two) steps back for a moment.  Optimal performance is just about technique as it is about fitness and nutrition.  When combining altogether we make a winning combination.  Book one single lesson and together we can understand where we can offer our best assistance.

padel fitness


Accidents can happen, but preventing injuries should always be a major concern for amateur and professional athletes in any sport.  Injuries associated with padel relate mostly to lower and upper extremities, most of the time due to technical deficits which overperform certain joints or muscles.  Making sure we have a proper warm-up, and we observe fair aerobic resistance, strength in our lower and upper body, and cores are of the utmost importance.  Coordination, flexibility, and stability of joints are a must in order to progress efficiently.  Our training focuses on all these aspects to make sure we all have a long life with the sport we all love.

optimal padel performance