When the challenges become the sweet spot

Born in Linköping 1990, Emmie is the embodiment of discipline, energy and determination – a winning combination for racket sports which have been part of all her life.  Table tennis, handball, tennis, have kept her busy and by choice, always close to home.

Emmie met padel in 2017 invited to try a fun game with a friend.  The game became informed and sustained passion which challenged her to give 100% of her time, spirit, and dedication to the sport she fell in love with. So in love was Emmie with padel, and padel with Emmie, that by fall that same year Emmie was selected to join the Swedish national female padel team making her an official professional padel player.

2018 became the year results and serious touring competitions began to take place. Swedish Padel Tour, Padel World Cup, SPT and the European Championships became her arena with her two strong feet on the podium.

Her experience as a learner having had multiple coaches in all of her life stages, growing as an athlete, and becoming a physiotherapist allow her to have a balanced vision of the game and what it takes to become the best.  Competition for Emmie is a challenge where your mindset is key.  Mind, body, and soul allow optimal performance while keeping spirits up regardless of missing points at some stage of the game.

Emmie´s story


While Emmie focuses on becoming Sweden´s best female padel player, she still moves forward building up a fun, easy and wholesome padel training in Sweden.  Technical, physical, nutritional and post training advice make her vision of the game a lifestyle of its own.

A personality in her own right, her vision of padel is the vision of a young woman who wants to convey freshness, joy, and most of all the empowerment and freedom it provides specially for girls and women.

Padel is a personal growth path available for everyone.  In this context, where we are asked for lifelong healthy lifestyles making padel of the equation is second nature for Emmie.  This padel training program has been carefully designed to make sense to everyone regardless of their motivation and goal.

Training Ethos

Enjoyment remains key to overall sport participation, and although discipline can´t ever be understated SMART is our mantra.  Proper nutrition, after training recovery, sleep, a healthy routine, and setting together short-term goals maximizes our learning abilities.  It´s not about points and the number of matches played, to become a lifelong padel player balance is key.  We can be physically fit, padel literate and paly because we want to, rather than because we have to.  Making sure you keep this spirit up and you remain in love with the sport is the aim of our training program.

The first female crowdfunded athlete

Growing as a professional athlete demands everything I´ve got. As much as I am committed to becoming number 1, I am also determined to make a professional path of my own.  I am grateful to the sponsors that have helped me so far reach the stage where I am, but as driven as I am I believe a woman can build her own career and professional path in sports making choices of my own.  This translates to become able to further my career development helping me help others, specially young girls and women become padel players regardless of their origin, faith or orientation.  Providing enough opportunities for extending padel awareness in Sweden while I am able to maintain my training can only be possible with the help of those who believe in a lifelong commitment to padel and sport lifestyle.

Can we count on you?

Social learning

As a social sport padel gives us the opportunity to meet, engage and connect not only with like minded people, but also to enhance different learning styles regardless of age and physical condition.  Our training programs honor difference and are rather boosted by as many as we can find.

Don´t get me wrong, we love to win.  But winning is a consequence rather than the end of our training.  Driven by what unites, what bonds people together, and what makes us take that extra mile in our technical trainings, our physical performance, our daily nutritional intakes and our thoughts when we walk into the court makes a major difference in sport performance. This is what we bring to our trainings. This is after all, what makes padel a special sport throughout the world.  From Sweden to Argentina, it all boils down to a mind, body and soul equation.  I have learned how to mix it, and have the most fun sharing it with younger girls and women.

There is no one size fits all learning padel program. Sorry 🙁  But there is enough insight from which where to build upon individual players’ strengths and take it from there.

It doesn´t matter whether you have an outstanding sporting history, -though I will be happy to meet you-, what it really matters is your desire to commit to health, fitness and a lifetime of sharing the game with others while enjoying every exercise, technique and tactic you will be learning.

Training happens also off court

Padel as a sport is no less a game to be played. To play it right many things come together, all brought together in our training.  There is one ingredient that each of us has: our determination to make every effort a determined and focused one.  It is my passion for sport that brought me to padel, the feeling of enjoyment that lets me train for hours long.  Bring your passion to our trainings, bring your smile, your strength and your desire to become the player you want to be.  I am waiting for you in court with my biggest smile and best of knowledge to make you a new member of my team.