YES Tribe


The YESTribe is your padel ally and advocate.  It´s our answer to the crazy year 2020 worldwide where belonging, sport, and community have left us with a renewed perspective for padel as sport and lifestyle.

After years of tennis and padel training, I´ve come to realize those supportive relationships are the ones that keep us engaged in our sport. That thriving through physical challenges requires fun regardless of age and sport skills.  Taught and learned in a safe environment, fun skill-building and healthy competition reward every effort.

The YesTribe is our answer.  We want to teach in a fun way, where strong and athletic girls and women are challenged.  Girls motivate girls, just as women motivate women.  Our program tackles every aspect of the game, which for us as girls and women makes a lot of sense: nutrition, fitness and training are all part of the padel equation.  Not for competition, but for life.  We want to bring a training that enhances every padel tactic and technique, while our trainees become aware of their nutritional and fitness needs.


Accesible and widely available opportunities for female padel playersfrom youths to adulthood are provided under our YESTribe program.  Touring through 5 swedish cities this fall, I will be leading a padel weekend specially designed for young ones to enjoy the sense of belonging, active lifestyle and proud team work that can be achieved through padel.  Follow our social media accounts to learn coming dates and venues, as well as the enrolment process for these as not many spots will be available.

This is my way to give back to the sport I love, and has given me so much.  Maximizing girls play, potential and retention for the future is my project.  The YES Tribe focuses on development rather than on competition.  Shifting from the choice to play to the right to move, share, enjoy and exercise, while opening pathways for padel enjoyment.

As padel begins to seriously root in Sweden, its great to create to develop the mindset and the lifestyle that provides girls and women the best start in padel.  Will you help me? Your donation will help develop this program while I can keep training to become Sweden´s best.

The YESTribe: it´s a positive win for us all.

Tailored padel fitness


What happens in the court is not just about that moment.  How we perform is the result of what we have eaten, what we have built our body to respond to, and the memory of our body to answer to certain stimuli. After years of being trained, I´ve come up with the definite padel training understood with the feeling and the experience of a woman.  That is what I am sharing with all padel lovers out there. Welcome to my training!

Athlete´s nutrition


So, you´ve tried padel and are ready to go one step further in your conditioning and training.  That´s where we come in…welcome to the training program that will develop you as a rounded skilful player.