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Nourishing a padel player

Eat and play the right way is just as important as figuring out your grip.  We are what we eat, a universal truth that can´t be forgotten.  As much as the practice of any sport will likely increase your endorphins, the right and balanced nutrition will enhance not only your performance during training and matches.  As your training develops you will feel your body answer to your demands, so much more focused and responsive your body will become with adequate nutritional choices that will mark in time the healthiest and leanest version of your beautiful self.

Our training programs not only cover the techniques of the game.  During our trainings, you will be expected to experience first hand the difference between regular eating and a professionally balanced intake designed for athletic performance.

How we eat is part of the health equation too.  Make sure you take enough time to savor and enjoy, no stress, no rush.  Chew, taste, swallow.  Take your time, slow down.  Just like we enjoy a good book, our time to eat is a moment of enjoyment, nourishment, and wellbeing.





Before, during, and after exercise water plays a never enough stated role in our bodies.  Water gets rid of toxins while regulating body temperature.  An athlete must ensure between 2 and 2.5 litres of water are taken daily, while on competition the amount increases up to 3 litres daily in order to replenish body liquid released from sweating and muscle tissue burnout.

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Week and weekends meal plans

Throughout the year we will be creating the content that we, serious and committed padel players need: adjusted meal plans which are able to balance daily regular healthy diets with the proper nutrition before serious workouts and matches.  In our blog, we will be posting the right combinations of glucose, proteins, healthy fats, and water that let us build the energy and resilience in our bodies to face the challenges of athletic performance while keeping the taste department on the spot.

Having been trained and nourished as an athlete for as long as I can remember I have been able to learn what builds optimal performance when we need it the most.  My experience translates to a suggestion for all of those who under a healthy condition start to become serious padel players and want their weekend activities to become part of their lives enhancing their training and lifestyle habits.

There is enough scientific evidence that supports nutritional habits which involve unsaturated fats, protein and wholemeal carbohydrates deliver reduced cardiovascular risk, lower values of blood pressure, and improved coordination and musculature strength.  Controlled intakes excel in reducing stress and inflammation from the inner organs in our bodies while leaning the muscles and unhealthy fat storage. This mainstream advice, checked by health and nutritional authorities is what we will be suggesting to our trainees.

It has taken me a lot of research and effort to put together all the ingredients of the nutrition puzzle.  Not because there is not enough information, there is plenty, but because what works for soccer players maybe doesn´t work for a padel female player.  Understanding the needs of our sport and how do we respond to it is a challenge in itself.  In company of my trainers and building on my own professional studies, I am able to provide the specifics of nutrition for padel women everywhere. Knowing how to play, what to eat and how to recover: a dream padel training wrapped in simple take aways for you.  That´s the aim of Emmie Ekdahl padel training.

Athlete´s nutrition

It’s not a fade trend, it´s not about skinny jeans.  It´s about the energy and the high vibe the combination of exercise, technique, and nourishment that makes up a rounded skillful player on and off the track.

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The nutrition mindset

Regardless of size, shape, or volume, health is to be enjoyed in good company so much better.  Padel provides the perfect avenue for community, belonging, and nourishment.  Optimal eating is a natural step which will become second nature to all committed trainers.

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