PadElle collaboration survey

Collaborators lookout

Time to move on, and make new relations on the way. PadElle is our next step on the journey towards padel development. The good news is: that the road ahead couldn´t be more exciting. Research, social media monitoring, and a lot of time and effort have been focused on one single objective: creating and developing the most complete and rounded padel training for women designed by women.

We aim high, keeping our feet on the ground, walking one step at a time. Phase one of our project is to deliver comprehensive workshops and experiences throughout Sweden and across Europe for female padel players eager to become true padel athletes. At the moment we are scouting locations within Sweden interested in collaborating with PadEllle for the year 2024 on an exclusive basis. If you are up to it, please take the time to read through and complete the form here

We look forward to hearing from you, knowing you, and growing together women´s padel. Small steps, one day at a time.